My dog isn't any different from most pups. When she hears a loud noise she wants to be by my side. I'm pretty lucky. Some dogs react much differently and are terrified by fireworks and the loud pops that come along with it.

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We might not be having traditional firework displays here in the Quad Cities, but you can bet there will be plenty of people setting off their own fireworks instead. It's a well known fact that Independence Day is when the largest number of dogs run away or become lost as they try to get away from the ruckus.

Here are a few ways the American Kennel Club recommends to keep your pup safe and calm when the revelers light those fuses.


1. Try to keep your dog away from the fireworks. Don't bring your dog to the neighbors or to an area where you know people will be lighting fireworks.

2. Create a safe place for you dog. Look for a quiet place in the house away from windows. Relocate your pup's kennel to a calm quiet spot in the house.

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3. Make sure your dog has proper ID or a micro-chipped. If your dog is lost, you'll have an easier time finding her.

4. Take your dog for a nice long walk before festivities begin. If you have a tired pup, there's a chance he may cozy up and be calmer than he would if he had a lot of energy.

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5. Play some white noise for your pooch. A calming, consistent sound from the noise machine may drown out the sound of loud bangs and pops.

6. Be calm with your dog. If you get rattled there's a good chance he will to. Talk to him in a calm tone and give him plenty of love.

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7. Talk to your vet. There are some dogs that just do better with a dose of medication to induce calm.

8. Desensitize your dog for next year. Play sounds of fireworks frequently for your dog throughout the next year. She may get used to the sounds and be less frightened next year.


Keep in mind, all dogs are different. Loud noises never bothered my German Shepherd, but thunder and loud sounds send my little Chihuahua mix running for my side.

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