Howard Jones will be rifling through his back pages with a comprehensive new compilation. Best (1983-2017) will be released on July 28, and you can see the track listing below.

With 42 songs, Best (1983-2017) covers his entire career to date, up to and including his last studio effort, 2015's Engage, across two CDs. A third disc contains live cuts, including several acoustic performances, and there's also a bonus DVD that had only previously been available with the interactive book edition of Engage. Every song by Jones that reached the Top 20 in the U.S. and U.K. is represented.

The cover artwork was created by Steg, who is also responsible for the cover of Jones' debut, 1984's Human's Lib. Jones has personally signed 150 copies of the set, which can be pre-ordered from the website of his label, Cherry Red.

On July 18, Jones will begin a U.S. tour at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles and continue through Aug. 19 at the Family Arena in St. Charles, Mo. You can see his complete itinerary on the Tour Dates section of his website.

Howard Jones, 'Best (1983-2017)' Track Listing

Disc One

1. "Things Can Only Get Better"
2. "No One Is to Blame"
3. "What Is Love?"
4. "New Song"
5. "Like to Get to Know You Well"
6. "Pearl in the Shell"
7. "Hide & Seek"
8. "Everlasting Love."
9. "Look Mama"
10. "Life in One Day"
11. "Specialty"
12. "All I Want"
13. "You Know I Love You ... Don't You?"
14. "Little Bit of Snow"
15. "The Prisoner"
16. "Will You Still Be There?"

Disc Two

1. "Lift Me Up"
2. "City Song"
3. "One Last Try"
4. "Cookin' in the Kitchen"
5. "Nothing to Fear"
6. "You're the Buddha"
7. "If You Love"
8. "Let the People Have Their Say"
9. "Just Look at You Now"
10. "Revolution of the Heart"
11. "The Presence of Other"
12. "Someone You Need"
13. "Soon You'll Go"
14. "Ordinary Heroes"
15. "Joy"
16. "The Human Touch"
17. "Eagle Will Fly Again"

Disc Three

1. "Back in Your Life" (Acoustic Live)
2. "Building Our Own Future" (Acoustic Live)
3. "City Song" (Acoustic Live)
4. "No One Is to Blame" (Acoustic Live)
5. "Everlasting Love" (Acoustic Live)
6. "Just Look at You Now" (Electric Live)
7. "Don't Wanna Fight Anymore" (Electric Live)
8. "Like to Get to Know You Well" / "Cookin' in the Kitchen" (Mash Up Live)
9. "You're the Buddha" (The Robbie Bronnimann Mix)

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