The weather this year has been crazy already... it also is about to get worse. this spring could bring a lot of hail. That hail can cause a lot of damage on roofs and cars I figured we could try to save one of those things.

Hail on car

Countless Sources state the obvious, find shelter... places like a parking garage, gas station, bank, or anywhere else that has a roof that your car can fit under.

DO NOT PARK UNDER A TREE. In the moment it might seem like a smart idea to try and save your car a little bit, but a tree falling is a very bad time. The only time this is okay is if there are NO HIGH WINDS.


Car Crushed by Tree
Graham Prentice

Ways To Protect Your Car From Hail

  • Use floor mats or rugs on windows

You can also try to use towels or blankets to help, but floor mats are the best. Cardboard boxes work as well.

  • Fold your side mirrors in

A bit of a simple one here, but this easily at least protects your mirrors.

  • Park as close as you can to a solid structure

If there is a structure nearby with a roof you may be able to avoid some damage to your car by parking up close to that building and using the slight cover from the roof.

  • Have Insurance

This year is looking like a rough one for cars... make sure you get insurance just in case we get even worse storms on the way.


You can see more tips from here. Stay Safe out there during the crazy weather.

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