If you don't like needles and need a funnel cake to serve as a buffer to get a vaccine, boy do I have good news for you.

Hy-Vee will be set up at the Iowa State Fair offering COVID vaccines but also vaccines for pneumonia and shingles. The company says that the vaccines will be available on a walk-up basis and you won't have to have a prescription.

The Iowa State Fair kicks off August 11th and goes through the 21st in Des Moines. You'll be able to catch Hy-Vee's vaccine clinics during the first 6 days of the fair: the 11th through the 16th.

The clinics will be open on the fairgrounds 10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. You'll find the Hy-Vee pharmacy team at Booth #10040, which is west of the North Gate and across the East 31st Street corridor from the Thrill Zone.

If you get a COVID vaccine, you'll have to hang around the clinic for 15 minutes to make sure you handle it okay. You'll also have to wear a mask to get the shot.

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Boosters & At-Home Tests

Additionally, at Hy-Vee's fair setup, you can get an at-home COVID test too and you can get your booster shot if you haven't already had it.

As a reminder, Pfizer's vaccine is approved for those ages 12+, Moderna is ages 18+.

If you need any of the vaccines, it's recommended that you bring your insurance card with you (if you don't already just keep it in your wallet) but you don't have to have insurance to get vaccinated.

So if getting a vaccine was on your to-do list and you're headed out to the Iowa State Fair, you can just kill two birds with one stone here.

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