It's been over a year since I've last rappelled off a 140ft building, but I'm doing it again to show the other stations how it's done. All four stations here in the Rock 'n' Roll Mansion will be repelling, and I need your help.

I'll be raising money, and even though we are the newest, and youngest station in the building it would be awesome to raise more money than those other stations who are already counting us out! So if you want to donate, you can do that here. 

On Friday, August 26, and Saturday, August 27 Big Brothers Big Sisters is hosting their 5th annual Over the Edge fundraiser in the Quad Cities. Over 100 "Edgers" will scale down the Hotel Blackhawk in downtown Davenport to raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters Mississippi Valley.  Over the past four years, this event has raised more than $625,000.

If you want to help, you can! There are actually a few different ways you can help out. First, you can do the extreme by rappelling off the building, there is also the less extreme, but still very important volunteering for event day, or you can also make a donation.

attachment-293196538_380431644227680_8349684254910022077_n (1)

While we are raising money for a good cause the other stations like I-Rock (the guy I so nicely help with his videos) is talking a lot of smack, so it would be really fun to beat him and the others at 97X and B100 by raising the most money, you can help out here.

Again it is for a good cause, and that's all that matters, BUT it would be fun to beat at least one station in the building. Hopefully, I'll see you from the top of Hotel Blackhawk on August 26. Again thank you all so much for the support.

attachment-291828595_614350039885135_2214505198094832761_n (1)

Oh hey, you're still here? Make sure you donate here, and not on the other radio station pages, cause again... I gotta beat at least one of them. Fun fact I actually use to work for B100 before moving down the hall to US 104.9. How funny would it be to beat the guys I use to work with, and rappelled down with 2 years ago?!

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attachment-292108369_2778942512251996_4012526463251140266_n (1)

One last time to donate here!!! Thanks again, everyone.

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