If you're reading this it means I made it down the 140ft building. Another year under the belt of 'Over The Edge' with  Big Brothers Big Sisters! Nothing more fun than repelling down 11 stories at the Hotel Black Hawk.

It was great actually getting to go down with someone this year. As I represented US 104.9 our sister station B100 was represented by Sarah!


While the Friday event is over, Saturday, August 27 Big Brothers Big Sisters is still hosting their 5th annual Over the Edge fundraiser in the Quad Cities. Over 100 "Edgers" will scale down the Hotel Blackhawk in downtown Davenport to raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters Mississippi Valley. Over the past four years, this event has raised more than $625,000.

Another great year. I also want to thank everyone who donated. There were so many different ways to show your support, and to everyone who did... THANK YOU!


(The biggest thank you goes to those who donated through the US 104.9 think though obviously.)

If you want to get involved you can! Learn more today and help our community. Click here to learn more today.

Welcome To The Mississippi Valley Fair 2022

The Mississippi Valley Fair 2022 was another great one in Davenport. Here are some quick shots we got!

Top 10 Adventureland Rides

I had to make this list quick since Adventureland has a lot of big plans for its future, which means a lot of new rides. Don't forget to let us know what your top 10 list would be!

we will also be sharing some of the rides history which you can learn more about here.

For this list, we are not counting any of the waterpark rides.

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