It's not often, or ever, you get to claim you've won the lottery. I was in New York when it happened.When you hear the word 'lottery,' automatically you think, 'money,' right? Well, in this case, it isn't money, although I saved a ton by winning this particular lottery.

When in NYC, you must see Broadway. It's an unspoken rule in the invisible tourist pamphlet you don't get when you visit New York. I mean, it's the hub of everything Broadway, which is a singer and dancer's dream come true. Mine included. Thankfully, I have a close friend who feels the exact same way.

It started at 10:30am. My friend Price and I put our names into a tumbler, along with nearly 50 other people wishing and hoping to get $30 tickets to see Wicked, which has been at the famous Gershwin Theatre for nearly 12 years running. The excitement of all the shows playing was enough to make me want to live there for a few more days.

Once the clock struck 12pm, we were there, eagerly waiting to hear our names. After nearly 30 names were already called, we didn't lose hope. For me, not winning wasn't an option. I'm pretty hopeful and optimistic. Next thing we knew, one of our names were called and we won $30 tickets to see one of the longest running shows on actual Broadway. We were so excited. I think Price was more excited for me since it was his 8th time seeing the show. Yep, it's that good.

All I can say is, I've never won the lottery in my life. What I won in NYC were experiences that were far richer than anything money could ever purchase. For that, I am the wealthiest woman alive.

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