I don't have any kids at the moment, but I imagine picking a name for your child is not only important but also a stressful decision that requires a lot of thought. How do you decide on a timeless name or a more unique one? Which names are cooler? Will any names get my kid bullied?! If you’re naming them after a certain family member will other relatives be jealous? I am getting stressed just thinking about it!

Clearly, there are a lot of things to consider before picking a name for your newborn. So before you pick the craziest name you can think of, check out this list.


It's hard to believe that in America we would have a list of names that are for the most part forbidden from use. You can find even more names here. Most states also have rules, but some states like Kentucky have no rules, however. Most of these names are banned across the US, but again it is different everywhere.

Jaimie Duplass
Jaimie Duplass

Before this adds more stress to your plate, don't worry. A lot of these names are really out there, and I highly doubt you were thinking of these BUT someone was at some point. Here are some banned baby names in the United States.

Banned Baby Names

According to today.com, and other sources, there is a solid amount of names that are not allowed in the United States Of America. Some of these names are absolutely ridiculous and just plain bad.

1. Santa Claus

2. @

3. Adolf Hitler

4. F!nn

5. III

6. Jesus Christ

7. Messiah

8. Majesty

was your picked name on this list?! That's okay we have the list of the most popular baby names in Iowa and Illinois. Between you and me I think it's a good thing you don't go with any of those banned names from our list.

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