We've been living in a summer tease with the weather we've had this spring, but with this menu item landing in Belvidere, I think we can say summer is officially here. 

To be fair, we don't need summer to eat ice cream. Not even a little bit. Ice cream is definitely the top sweet treat I'm looking for, no matter what month it is, but it summer, it's just a little bit better.

While I do love a huge ice cream cone, or big bowl of ice cream with toppings. I'm actually more of a 'dipper,' and when I scrolled thru Facebook and landed on ice cream nachos, I paused and thought, how have I never thought of this before?

Ice cream with a side of waffle cone chips and sundae sauce laid out in a nacho tray?

This is genius!

You can find these in Belvidere, Illinois at Sips and Sprinkles, but be aware, when they posted this photo on May 10, 2023, they said it was a 'limited time only,' menu item. So you might want to give them a call before you drive over there to try them.

But... maybe we can all stop by and order a tray and get them to put this on the regular menu!

I'm trying to decide what topping I want in the cheese spot. The strawberries do look delicious, but I'm more of a chocolate girl.

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Or maybe I can convince them to mix chocolate and caramel together in there for me! One can dream!

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