I doubt anyone is making a salad in the garage which means the smell of Cucumbers could be a very bad thing. Allegedly some venomous snakes do smell like vegetables. With it getting colder outside more, and more animals try to move inside.

While Bats and Birds usually go to the attic, snakes sometimes find themselves in or around the garage.

Venomous Snakes In Illinois

According to the Illinois DNR, four native Illinois snake species are venomous. Those snakes include the copperhead, cottonmouth, timber rattlesnake, and the massasauga.

Some of these snakes can put off the scent of cucumbers when they feel threatened. This odor comes from their glands.

Snakes That Smell Like Cucumbers

According to the state.com, highly venomous snakes like rattlesnakes and copperheads smell like this vegetable. Seeing as though you can find both in Iowa it's a good idea to keep your eyes or nose open for these little guys who may be in your garage, or home.

If you do notice one of these snakes it should be noted that many are poisonous snakes and they are rapid strikers that you can’t dodge. It is best to let a professional handle them.

First Aid snake bite on her arm

If you also like going for walks off the normal trail keeping that scent in mind could help you tell if you accidentally got a bit too close to these snakes without knowing it.

Man legs on the mountain footpath close up image

You may have also gotten a bit close to where the snakes live. Their dens really smell like cucumbers as well, so again if you're not next to a salad and you smell cucumber, you may be next to a snake.

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