I'm home officer, I think...no wait, I'm not. Oops.

Braulio M. Ruiz of Aurora, Illinois told officers that he was home and in his own driveway when they approached his car. His eyes were bloodshot, speech was slurred, and he was stinking like a brewery. SHAW


When asked where he lived, Ruiz stated "right here," meaning the house where the driveway was, that he was passed out in. Oh, I forgot to mentioned he pee'd all over himself. Guess he couldn't make it to "his" bathroom.


The people inside the house agreed with Ruiz, that he did in fact NOT live in that house. They were the ones that called the cops and said there's some drunk dude passed out in their driveway. Oh...and it was 1:30 in the morning.

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Well, story is over...go clean up your pee pee dude. But wait...there's more!

After the cops had him out of the car, he did not complete field sobriety tests and later refused a Breathalyzer test.


Ruiz was not driving. He was passed out drunk, peeing on himself in someone else's driveway...For his trouble, Ruiz will receive a DUI! To be official and stuff:

"Driving under the influence and stopping or standing in a prohibited place."

Well damn, man. Wrong driveway, wrong bathroom location apparently. Oh and with his amazing slurred speech, he told officers that he only had ONE Bud Light, a small one. Cheers!

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Say cheese, Illinois!




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