The most harrowing experience I ever had was when I was a teenager driving to a gig with my band in a blizzard in my 1971 Pinto.

It was snowing sideways and piling up on the freeway faster than I have ever seen since. The left lane we were driving in soon became impassable and my Pinto stalled out in the snow. So, there we were, on the side of a rural freeway in the dark, in a blizzard. Suddenly, a saw lights coming and they weren't slowing down. The snow plow driver saw the car at the last minute and avoided hitting us.

Hopefully, your experience as a snow plow driver won't be as harrowing if you chose to answer the call for plow kings from the state of Illinois.

Rob wrote about Iowa's hunt for snow plow operators in a blog earlier this week. According to a report from KWQC-TV 6, Illinois is getting in on the quest. While Iowa is offering $17.45/hr for the job, Illinois is ponying up $20.55/hr.

You can learn about what qualifications you need to have to operate a snow plow here, and you can apply for the position here.

Watch out for stranded Pintos.

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