Sorry potatoes, Illinois' new king of crops has entered the chat - and no, it's not soybeans or melons.  You'll never guess what it is!

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Spring is here, summer is on the way, and I know you're all getting your gardens prepped to grow all your favorite veggies and beautiful flowers.

In Illinois, certain crops and veggies are totally worth growing in the Prairie state; soybeans, melons, and swine.

"The state's climate and varied soil types enable farmers to grow and raise many other agricultural commodities, including cattle, wheat, oats, sorghum, hay, sheep, poultry, fruits and vegetables." [agr.illinois]



Which crop does Illinois produce the most in all of America?

HORSERADISH. Yeah, that's right.

Apparently, Illinoisans can't get enough of that sinus-clearing goodness.


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I've even heard that a spoonful of horseradish a day keeps the doctor away... I don't think I could eat that much horseradish if you paid me lol.

So for harvest season in Illinois, bring tissues and eyedrops because the air will be filled with so much of it.

"Horseradish in Illinois is primarily grown in the Mississippi River Valley region adjacent to St. Louis due to the well-drained, deep friable, high organic matter, moist loam soils that are present in this area." [agris.fao]

If Selena Gomez can take shots of ginger every day and she's glowing, maybe we should all start taking shots of horseradish to improve our health.

SelenaGomezEverywhere - Youtube
SelenaGomezEverywhere - Youtube

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I also learned that most of production takes place in Madison or St. Claire counties.  Southwestern Illinois also has been producing horseradish commercially for over 150 years.  Holy crap, the more you know!

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