There's dress code for online learning in this Illinois school district and students aren't allowed to wear their PJs.

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The Springfield Public Schools Board of Education approved the district school handbook which included language about in-person and and remote learning dress codes.

According to NBC news the handbook states,

Online students will be dressed according to the dress code.

Hats, caps, bandanas, hoods, sweatbands..., sunglasses, pajama pants, slippers or shoes with wheels..., shall not be worn in the building.

Students are also being told to get out of bed, sit at a table and look directly into the camera during online classes.

Some parents are questioning the need for an at-home dress code saying,

We should just be happy that these kids are engaged.

Educators and school board members suggest if students are dressed  appropriately, they are better able to perform.

I know I feel better when I get dressed and brush my hair and teeth before I work at home. I also know plenty of adults who don't wear pants during their work Zoom meetings.


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