As someone who grew up watching YouTube videos of Schoolhouse Rock for history class and multiple other classes, I will always be thankful for the fun upbeat songs that could actually teach me something.

The acclaimed Jazz musician, Jack Sheldon passed away on Friday due to natural causes, his manager, Dianne Jimenez, said in a statement Tuesday. No more details will be given.

Source Disney Ed Productions Source: Youtube
Source Disney Ed Productions Source: Youtube

Sheldon was born in Jacksonville, Florida, 1931. He moved to Los Angeles in 1947. He served in the Air Force, and played trumpet in several military bands. Sheldon is known for his award winning song The Shadow of Your Smile' and was also seen in many TV shows, making guest appearances on shows like Family Guy, The Simpsons, and many others.

Sheldon battled health problems since 1996, he also suffred two strokes. One in 2005, and 2001. Sheldon is survived by his partner Jimenez and children Jessie and John.

This Jazz legend will  be remembered for his many accomplishments, and his video with Schoolhouse Rock will live on in many class rooms. With that video still being relevant to this day. As some who learned a lot from the song, and watched it many times, I must say thank you for all your hard work Jack  Sheldon.

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