Peter Kim

The word "racist" is certainly being thrown around a lot these days. Just yesterday we told you about a Des Moines restaurant that changed their name after being accused of racism, and now a Des Moines bar is also being called "racist" for its dress code.

According to the Des Moines Register, Tipsy Crow Tavern's dress code states that patrons are not allowed to enter wearing baggy jeans, do-rags, side ways caps, plain t-shirts, and construction boots. Some are calling out the code for specifically targeting items men in the black community might wear.

An Iowa State University grad spoke to the Register and expressed his displeasure with the dress code.

-Arnold Woods III

The bar's owner, Steve McFadden, insists that the dress code is necessary to keep bar-goers safe considering violence has taken place at bars nearby.There was also a recent incident at the Tipsy Crow where both black and white patrons harassed customers. Many bars in the area have adopted similar dress codes in light of these incidents, although most of them are not as strict as the Tipsy Cow's.

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