If you are laughing to yourself right now thinking there is no way this happens, you are not alone. I'm hopeful this comes true, but I don't know if I-74 can be finished by this year's end.

We've had multiple updates, and articles written about what's going on with the bridge this whole year, and now we have another one for you.

Right now we are seeing good news about the bridge. In 2020 any good news is worth sharing. Danielle Alvarez, project manager for the Iowa Department of Transportation said this back in August,

"Today (Monday, Aug. 24) we are pouring the last section of the approach deck on the south side of the arch, crews are continuing to tie rebar for the deck under the arch as well as the barriers walls."

And less than a month later they are still working hard.

According to the QC times the entire length of roadway still has to be striped, and the arch is to be painted, while the aesthetic lighting will be added after the bridge is open.

While it is common knowledge that the project has encountered numerous snags. Apparently they still say it can be finished by the end of this year. As of now COVID hasn't been a huge impact on the project. Alvarez went on to say,

"We are pleased with the ongoing progress on the Iowa-bound bridge, and we’re continuing to work as quickly as possible to open it to traffic this year,"

With only a few months left I am excited to see what they get done.

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