The Iowa-based comedian Tyler Meyerhoff is known for his lively and fun shows, but for his birthday he took that to a new level. The man allowed a friend of his to punch him with all of his might.

That's not all though... Tyler had a great show, but the punishments were awful, and the punch was brutal.

Tyler has made headlines before for his comedy style and ridiculous hijinks. This show took that idea to a whole new level.

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What Happened During The Show?

We asked Tyler what all happened during the show, and it almost sounds like a horror story. He went on to say,

I stapled money to myself, I hit myself in the shins with a scooter, I got spanked with an aluminum paddle 29 times (how old I am now) and to end the show I did my closer while standing and jumping up and down on legos

Needless to say, this show had a lot of reactions from fans who saw it all live.


The Punch

Here is a fun fact: Harry Houdini died of a punch to the stomach area. It resulted in Appendicitis.

The magician hadn't had time to prepare, and the blows ruptured his appendix. He fell ill on the train to Detroit, and, after performing one last time, was hospitalized. Doctors operated on him, but to no avail. The burst appendix poisoned his system, and on October 31 he died.

Now the comedian Tyler Meyerhoff tried to do this, and hey he is still alive. You can see the video below.

Wow, what a show.

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