It's not easy to get kids comfortable wearing masks for long periods of time; especially really young kids.

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This dad, who is also a math teacher in Iowa, offers this suggestion.

Suggest to your kids they may only get screen time if they wear a mask.

Do this at home so the child gets used to wearing a mask for extended periods of time.

Here's what Leland Schipper of Ankeny posted on his Facebook page.

Schipper's hack has been featured on The Today Show and has been shared more than 147,000 times.

According to The Today Show, Shipper says his 5-year-old son Auden starts kindergarten this month, and will be required to keep his face covered. He says his child is motivated to wear a mask to get screen time.

The hack may not work 100 percent of the time, as anyone with children knows; kids change their minds quickly.

The CDC says kids 2 years and older should wear “cloth face coverings” when they are “in the community setting” to stop the spread of the coronavirus.”

This could be a good place to start.


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