Well, the Quad City Times reports that the bill passed both houses, and was signed by Governor Branstad yesterday, so, as Chicago sang in their song Saturday In The Park, everyday can feel like the fourth of July in Iowa now.

The law legalizes the possession, sale and use of consumer-grade fireworks, on a limited basis, while still allowing counties or cities to opt out of use, but not the sale of fireworks.

As a person who heads to bed early, I am not a fan. As I noted in my March blog post, "aside from light sleepers, the noise causes issues for dogs, and veterans with PTSD. Often closing windows and running equipment to drown out the noise isn’t effective."

But, the law is expected to raise $890,000 in tax revenue this fiscal year. At the end of the day, it's all about putting money in someone's pocket.

Time to buy some earplugs, and valium for the dog.

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