And the name of the town kind of sounds a bit dirty...

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When we're talking about small towns, we usually don't mean THIS small.

Iowans love their small towns, and they are proud of them!

There are so many unique places in the Hawkeye State that are perfect to start a family in! Due to the state's low crime rates, families have a tendency to flock to Iowa!

Also, it has been recognized many times for having some of the best small towns in the country. USA Today put together a list of the best small towns in the Midwest, and Iowa ranked near the top!

Read more about that here!

Hunter Fergen via Youtube
Hunter Fergen via Youtube

The smallest towns in the United States each have a population of one. According to reports that, Hibberts Gore, Maine and Monowi, Nebraska are tied for the title of smallest town in America.

Hibberts Gore was allegedly ignored by the surveyors when they were mapping out Maine years ago. And in Monowi, the only resident is the town's librarian/mayor  Elsie Eiler.

She even granted herself a liquor license so she could run the town's bar...a woman of many talents.

Now, moving on to where Iowa falls on this list...

Coming in at #11 is...Balltown.

According to that official list and the 2020 census, Balltown is one of the smallest towns in the country. It has a population of 79 according to the recent census. This actually is a bit of a boom for this historic town. The population grew by six between 2010 and 2020.

Balltown also just so happens to be home to one of the oldest bars in the state!

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