I'll confess to never understanding the college bowl game system. It's not a true playoff. The games don't really count for anything. But, they do generate a lot of excitement.

Fans of Iowa's two major college teams, the Hawkeyes and Cyclones have mixed feelings about their teams receiving bowl invites.

The Hawkeyes are on their way to New York City's Yankee Stadium for the Pinstripe Bowl against Boston College on December 27th.  The Iowa State Cyclones will face Memphis at the Liberty Bowl in Tennessee on December 30th.

Cyclones fans are excited about playing in one of the major bowls. Many Hawkeye fans however, we're hoping to end up in the Music City Bowl, a bigger game, and a closer nine-hour drive to Nashville.

Regardless, fans of both teams can be thankful their season will carry on a little longer.


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