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French fries in box
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Hot french fries are the best french fries to come by. I mean, who loves cold french fries? Weirdos that's who. As we all know that everyone has their favorite fast-food place to get french fries. Plus, everyone has a cut of french fries that they prefer too. Due to Americans loving french fries so much, we now know each state's preference on fast-food places to get fries and their favorite style of fry

The company Spruce have settled the debate when it comes to the question on where Americans love to get their french fries at. To settle this debate, Spruce looked at Google Trends search results to analyze the popularity of 24 different fast food chains’ fries. They also looked into the search results around different types of fries, like curly, waffle and even chili cheese. Spruce then looked at the data state by state and crunched some numbers to find out the most popular fast food fries around the nation.

Here is some key findings from Spruce:

  • McDonald’s fries are the favorite among 16 states
    • Burger King came in 2nd; Taco Bell in 3rd
  • McDonald's fries are loved by the Midwest, Northeast and West regions.
    • The Southeast prefers fries from Popeye's
  • The most popular fry style is waffle fries (9 states)

What fast-food fries does Iowa and Illinois prefer?



Spruce found that Illinoisans prefers Steak n' Shake french fries, while Iowans prefer McDonald's french fries. I love me some Steak n' Shake fries with their seasoning, but McDonald's really does reign supreme.

How about favorite style of french fry for Iowa and Illinois?


Illinoisans prefer steak fries and Iowans prefer waffle fries. Waffle fries was the majority of states favorite fries, but steak fries.... yummmmmm....

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