Who doesn't love a good party? Do you want to go to a state that really knows how to party? It looks like Iowa could be one of those awesome party states. If you're looking for a state with smaller towns that still knows how to throw down, then Iowa is the place for you.

Iowa ranks in the top ten best party states in America.

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How They Got The Number

Sources used different statistics from college towns, parties, and drinking to get these rankings.

The United States is full of vibrant and exciting states that are known for their great nightlife, delicious food, amazing music, and of course, partying.

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The Other State Rankings

According to wisevoter.com these are the top five biggest party states in America. From drinking and wild local parties, these states are a great spot to cut loose.

2 -North Dakota
3 -Montana
4 -Wyoming
5- South Dakota

So Where Does Iowa rank?

Iowa Is The 6th Biggest Party State In America

Iowa found itself between South Dakota and Ohio in this ranking.

All in all these US states offer exceptional opportunities when it comes to letting loose and having a good time – so if partying is something that interests you then these should definitely be at the top of your list when planning your next vacation spot in 2023!

Do you agree with this list? Does your city or town party even harder than these states? Let us know.

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