America is celebrating its 247th birthday this year and just like every Independence Day, Americans will be showcasing their patriotism. You'll be seeing the American flag being flown proudly, see fireworks shows, and more to celebrate the U.S. and those who have and are protecting her.

But not all states show the same patriotism as much as others do. A new study reveals which states are more patriotic than others by using metrics to come to that conclusion.

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The study this year shows that Iowa is in the top 15 most patriotic states in the U.S. Where did Illinois land? Fairly far down the list.

Iowa Is In The Top 15 Most Patriotic States

Our friends at WalletHub released their list of 2023’s Most Patriotic States in America. In order to find out which states are the most and least patriotic, they compared the 50 states across two key dimensions:

  • Military Engagement
  • Civic Engagement

WalletHub determined each city’s weighted average across all metrics to calculate its overall score and used the resulting scores to rank-order the states. They found that Iowa is the 14th most patriotic state in the U.S.

Source: WalletHub

Even though Iowa is ranked 41st in Military Engagement, the Hawkeye State is ranked 4th in Civic Engagement. Iowa also ranked 1st in U.S. History or Civics Education Requirement, 8th in  AmeriCorps Volunteers per Capita, 10th in Volunteer Rate, 12th in Percentage of Adults Who Voted in 2020 Presidential Election, and 13th in Peace Corps Volunteers per Capita.

Illinois Isn't The Most Patriotic State By Any Means

Even though its neighbor is in the top 15, Illinois is in the bottom 20. Illinois was ranked as the 30th most patriotic state or the 21st least patriotic state.

We know there is a lot of patriotic folks in Illinois, but apparently, there is apparently more non-patriotic people in the Land of Lincoln than one might think.

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