As it keeps getting warmer this year one thing is on many of our minds, and that is how fun all the fairs are going to be this year! I for one can't wait for the food. Iowa is so well known for its iconic fair food that people come from other states to just eat it!

2021 was another great year for the State Fair, and many others. The food was amazing.

According to Thrillist, the Iowa State Fair is one of the best fair food spots, alongside with Great New York State Fair, Minnesota State Fair, and State Fair of Texas!

Is pretty much known for three things: livestock competitions, the now-iconic butter cow sculpture (it's a cow, made of butter, FYI), and putting every unhealthy food in the greater Midwest... on a stick. As far as options go, the Iowa State Fair actually has more food vendors than any other in the country, topping 200 individual booths every year.

The Iowa State Fair has been around since 1854 and is iconic. The past few years have been a bit different due to COVID, but I'm super excited for this year's food!

They even have healthy options

The Iowa State Fair does have a healthy dose of good for you foods. Find a list of healthy Fair food options, based on the USDA guidelines for healthy meals with school lunches. From salad-on-a-stick to melon to grilled turkey sandwiches, you can find healthy options at the Fair!



More can be found here, but let's be honest, we are here for the crazy stuff!

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Here is the full 2021 food list.

    • Apple Pie On A Stick
    • Bacon Cheddar Cheese On A Stick
    • Bacon-Wrapped Deep Fried Italian Sausage On A Stick
    • Bacon-Wrapped Riblet
    • Bologna On A Stick
    • Breakfast Sausage In A Waffle On A Stick
    • Brownie Deep Fried, On A Stick
    • Caprese Salad On A Stick
    • Caramel Dipped Pecan Pie On A Stick
    • Carmel Apple
    • Carmellows
    • Cheese On A Stick
    • Cheese-On A Stick (Mozzarella, Cheddar, Jalapenos)
    • Cherry Pie (Deep Fried, On A Stick)
    • Chicken Corn Dog
    • Chicken In A Waffle On A Stick
    • Chicken-Cajun, On A Stick
    • Chocolate Covered Key Lime On A Stick
    • Chocolate Covered New York Cheesecake On A Stick
    • Combo Meal-Sandwich Or Shrimp Corn Dog, Fries And A Drink
    • Cookie Dough In A Waffle On A Stick
    • Corn Brats On A Stick
    • Corn Brats-(Cheddar) On A Stick
    • Corn Brats-(Spicy) On A Stick
    • Corn Brats-(Stadium) On A Stick
    • Corn Dog
    • Cotton Candy
    • Crazy Tater On A Stick
    • Crazy Tater On A Stick W/ Cheese And Chili
    • Crazy Tater On A Stick W/ Cheese Or Chili
    • Deep-Fried Sweet Corn - Corn Dog
    • Deep-Fried Twinkies
    • Double Bacon-Wrapped Corn Dog
    • Dutch Letters
    • Frisalino On A Stick
    • Fruit Kabob - Peach, Strawberry, Grapes, Pineapple, Topped With Chocolate & Nuts
    • Fruit Kabob-Strawberries, Pineapple & Peaches Deep Fried On A Stick
    • Fruit On A Stick
    • Funnel Cake On A Stick
    • Grilled Turkey Tenderloin
    • Hot Dog
    • Ice Cream On A Stick
    • Jalapeno Corn Dog
    • Jumbo Plumper Footlong Corn Dog
    • Loaded Tators On A Stick
    • Mexican Grilled Corn On The Cob
    • Milky In A Waffle On A Stick
    • Monkey Tail
    • Mushrooms On A Stick
    • Peanut Butter And Jelly On A Stick
    • Pecan Pie (Deep Fried, On A Stick, Topped With Caramel & Bacon Bits)
    • Pickle On A Stick
    • Polish Sausage Corn Dog
    • Popcorn Balls On A Stick
    • Popcorn Balls On A Stick With M&Ms
    • Pork Belly On A Stick
    • Pork Chop On A Stick
    • Pork On A Stick (3)
    • Pretzel-Soft, Salted, Almonds, Dipped In Chocolate On A Stick
    • Salad On A Stick
    • Sausage-Lamb, On A Stick
    • Shrimp Corn Dog
    • Slopper, Footlong Hot Dog With Corn Chips, Chili And Cheese Sauce
    • Small Corn Dog
    • Smoothie On A Stick
    • Snickers In A Waffle On A Stick
    • Sweet Brat With Maple Syrup On A Stick
    • Tater Dog, On A Stick
    • Veggie Corn Dog

WOW That is A lot of food. 69 in total.

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