Whenever I go to an Iowa Hawkeye college football game, I'm the one who shushes everyone nearby and asks people to sit (admittedly I never get great seats) while the amazing Iowa Hawkeye Marching Band performs. During the pandemic, it seems my mind has been drifting to everything Hawkeye to help lift my spirits. When I came across the Hawkeye Marching Band performing via Zoom, I had to brush away a little tear. 

Naturally, the Iowa Marching Band can't perform together right now, but they got creative and gave us cool performance of the Iowa fight song. They performed individually across the country and they featured members of the community, healthcare workers, University of Iowa staff, and of course members of the University of Iowa Hawkeye Marching Band. We can all use a  little Hawkeye spirit now, can't we?  Give a listen to the Iowa Fight Song.

Ah, that familiar tune that always makes me feel a surge of pride. Now if we can only get back to sports too. Fingers crossed there's a safe responsible way to see our Hawkeyes back on the field this fall. 

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