It's been less than a week since Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars, and it looks like some comedians are already finding ways to prepare for it to happen to them, but in the most comedic way possible obviously.

A Waterloo comic named Tyler Meyerhoff uploaded a video yesterday of him putting on the gloves and challenging any heckler to fight it out.

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The Video

This set took place at a local bar in Cedar Rapids, Iowa called Thew Brewing. They host open mics for local comedians every Tuesday. You can see the full video here. He seems to be the first person to make this joke, and bring props with it. The second he got on stage he started changing.


Within a few seconds, he was ready for a fight!


About Tyler

Tyler is an Iowa native and is originally from Waterloo, Iowa. I've actually done a show with Tyler, and he is absolutely hilarious. He recently had a show in Davenport. He also uploads some of his bits to social media.


When asked about the idea Tyler stated,

I had an idea and ran with it and I was having a killer set in a room filled with a few locals and 12 comics so that felt pretty cool, I don’t really know what to say about my comedy, I just love doing this shit and hope people like it.

Tyler has been doing comedy for a while now and has a few styles he likes to show off. Clearly, his prop comedy is on point.

Tyler still has a lot of great open mics and shows coming up. You can see more here. He also hosts a podcast that can be found here.

This joke was clearly made in good fun, but hopefully, after all the Will Smith drama we don't see any real fights ever break out, but with how crazy that slap was, who knows. Most people still don't even think it's real!

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