When it comes to Super Bowl traditions everyone has one! So it only makes sense for certain traditions to be much more popular in specific areas. Some of the biggest Super Bowl traditions can be found here.

Let's dive into some of the biggest Iowa, and Midwestern Super Bowl Traditions.

5. The Coin Toss Drink

These are the final seconds before the game gets underway. A fun tradition many fans have and celebrate is a drink with the toss for good like. Almost like cheers to your favorite team winning the Super Bowl. (hopefully)

4. Living Room Tailgating

It's usually too cold to tailgate outside in the Midwest, so we all usually head indoors. According to ChadsBq,

"There are estimates that on Super Bowl Sunday alone 1.3 billion chicken wings are consumed! Not in the mood to cook? Have a potluck, or better yet, have your party catered."

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3. Placing Your Bets

you can find this tradition almost anywhere, but each family has their bets happen in different and unique ways. One year my family only made bets about the halftime show. While other years are about who will win, and by how much.

In fact, last year Iowans placed $16 million in Super Bowl bets! You can learn more about those high rollers here.


Iowa's very own 'Albert the Bull' started in a 2018 Super Bowl commercial and has been a famous tradition since. According to the Des Moines Register,

Produced by Cenex, Audubon’s tongue-in-cheek 30-second commercial and the two 15-second follow-ups show Audubon as unimpressed by the “Super Bowl” because they have a “Super Bull.”

Albert the Bull is a huge roadside attraction. It's simply a giant concrete bull. W, the bull was built and is maintained entirely by local volunteers.

The commercial ends with an announcement that the Bull is being “sponsored” by Cenex as a giant banner unfurls across the bull’s back.


1. Our Favorite Food Is...

Iconic food is key for our traditions, and according to Delish Iowa's most searched food was... Irish Stew. Yeah no, I refuse to believe that. Our go-to food is simple chips and dip. What is your go-to food? Let us know!

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Other Popular Traditions Include..

Pre-Game drinks & Eating.

Going to Disney World. (The players sadly not us...)

Picking your favorite comerical

Spending time with family, and friends.

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