It's peak tax preparation season. Have you filed your Iowa tax return yet?

Many tax preparers are busy right now which you would expect this time of year, but some customers fear another delay in state refunds could also become a reality.

If state refunds are delayed here in Iowa again, it would continue a recent trend. Why the delay? It actually has to do with the state wanting to cut down on fraud according to KCRG.

Back in 2016, the Iowa Department of Revenue increased its security measures after finding more than 10,000 fraudulent tax returns. Since then there has been a delay in getting any refund from the state. Experts say in some cases it can take up to eight weeks.

One tax expert says that people who filed their taxes at the end of January are just now starting to see their state refunds come in. Federal refunds usually only take two to three weeks.

The federal tax deadline is April 15th. Your Iowa state taxes must be filed by April 30th.

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