It was thin by tornado standards, but it did plenty of damage during its very brief time on the Earth. New video shows an Iowa tornado with the view from nearly directly underneath the spiraling vortex overhead.

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This new view of one of the many twisters that touched down during the April 4, 2023 tornado outbreak gives you a perspective you rarely see. Here's the backstory provided on the YouTube video share:

This high end EF1 tornado formed on Tuesday April 4th between 6:43pm-7:06pm CDT…tracking from 6 miles south of Milo, IA to near Pleasantville, IA. The 50 yard wide tornado was on the ground for 15 miles. Power flashes captured in these video highlights was a result from the tornado downing power lines.

About 28 seconds into the video, you'll see the view looking almost directly skyward.

The April 4, 2023 remains one of the largest tornado outbreaks on record, but there's still plenty of Spring left as the peak of tornado season hasn't even really begun yet.

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