The Iowa Treasurer's office holds over $340 million in abandoned money and assets. Some of it might be yours, and it's very easy to figure out if you're entitled to any of it.

This isn't some late-night infomercial pitch for a get rich quick scheme either. This is an opportunity to see if there is money that belongs to you or your family that could easily be obtained with a few clicks on a brand new safe and secure website!

Photo Credit: Keith Brofsky, Getty Images
Photo Credit: Keith Brofsky, Getty Images

Where Does All of Iowa's Unclaimed Money Come From?:

When a bank, business, or financial entity cannot contact the owner of an asset for several years, that person's assets are declared "unclaimed." With that, they are sent to the treasurer's office to be held safely until they are.

Per The Des Moines Register, unclaimed assets and property can include the following:

  • Lost utility refunds or deposits,
  • Forgotten checking and saving accounts,
  • Uncashed insurance benefits and payroll checks,
  • Lost stocks, dividends and bonds, and
  • The contents of abandoned safe deposit boxes.

How Do I Know if Any of the Money Belongs to Me?:

Iowa State Treasurer Roby Smith's office couldn't make it easier to find out if you have unclaimed money. The treasurer's office has recently launched "Great Iowa Treasure Hunt," a website that allows you to search for your unclaimed property simply by providing a first and last name (you can be more specific by entering your town and property ID.

The best part? Besides the opportunity at finding some unclaimed money, this service is completely free!

What Do I Do If I Have Unclaimed Money and/or Assets?:

Each year, financial institutions and businesses turn over millions of dollars in unclaimed property to the Treasurer’s Office for safekeeping when they have lost contact with the rightful owner. These assets may include funds from inactive checking and savings accounts, uncashed checks, lost stocks and bonds, utility security refunds, insurance benefits or even valuables from abandoned safe deposit boxes. Every effort is made to return these assets back to the rightful owner or their heirs. Search now for unclaimed property that may be owed to you. It’s easy and free!

Should you find unclaimed money that belongs to you, you'll need to file a claim for it. You'll have to include your contact information, such as an email address and phone number, when you do. You don't need to provide your Social Security number nor tax ID, but the treasurer's office might request it to verify the validity of the claim.

More than $338 million has been returned to nearly a million property owners in the sate of Iowa so far, per an April report from State Treasurer Roby Smith's office.

You Could Also Get Your Hands on These...:

In addition to the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt, the state of Iowa is auctioning off the contents of abandoned safe deposit boxes too. You can peruse all the items for sale on LSOauctions' website.

Some noteworthy goodies include a massive sports card collection and fine jewelry.

See if you have unclaimed money and/or assets on the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt's website.


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