Road trips are an American past time. Yep, I said it. Who doesn't love packing up a car or RV with multiple kids and snacks and drinks and going on the road towards an unknown destination all the while you stop at every weird roadside attraction you see? Okay pretend the whole screaming/arguing kids in the background, endless potty/food breaks and uncomfortable sleepless nights don't happen.... doesn't this sound like fun?

I remember going on road trips and always seeing signs for some weird attractions whether they were dinosaur excursions, world's largest ball of yarn, aliens, etc., it always drew men in to want to see it. Every state has many of these attractions but there are some really weird ones out there!

Thrillist recently put together a list of each state's weirdest road trip attractions in each state and you probably won't guess what Iowa's is.... "The Future Birthplace of Captain Kirk." Yeah not what you were thinking right? I figured it would be the big frying pan attraction but no. This is every Star Trek lover's dream stop. Apparently this museum opened in 2008 where a stone monument is and is engraved with the future birth date and place of Captain Kirk from Star Trek. The date of birth is supposedly March 22, 2228.

However the monument located in Riverside, Iowa is not just a monument but has now become a museum for Star Trek collectibles, exhibits and more. So next time you go for a road trip in Iowa this better be on your list of places to stop!

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