Well... this is a morbid topic. Might be a question you never even thought to ask. This answer is a bit complicated in surrounding states, but Iowa's law is pretty straightforward.


This is a very sad topic, and I am sorry if you are going through this loss. Thankfully you can keep your friend close to you.

These are the following laws for both Illinois and Wisconsin.


In short, the law is as follows:

By law the burial must be on the premises owned and operated by the owner of the dead animal. Producers must ensure appropriate burial depth as well as distance from streams, potable water supplies and residences and all other rules found in the Illinois Dead Animal Disposal Act Section 90.110, On-The-Farm Disposal.


Wisconsin is a bit more strict, they look case by case. Wisconsin's law seems to focus more on what you can't do with dead animals. Wisconsin has a few different laws

Carcass transportation and disposal prohibitions. No person may do any of the following, either directly or through an employee or agent:
(a) Transport or dispose of a carcass that the person knows or reasonably should know to be a diseased carcass in a manner that creates a significant and foreseeable risk of transmitting disease to humans or animals.
(b) Dispose of a carcass in the waters of the state. This paragraph does not prohibit the use of farm-raised fish as bait.

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Denise McQuillen

The short answer to the question "Can You Legally Bury Your Dead Pet In The Backyard In Wisconsin" is yes, but there is a bit more to it.

Iowa's state law is pretty similar to Illions, the state does require the disposal of any dead animal within 24 hours of its death. After that the laws are very relaxed, in fact, according to This ISU source on the matter:

"The disposal can be by composting, cooking, burying, or burning or by disposing of it to a person licensed for disposal of animals."

That's right, unlike the other two states, you can eat your furry best friend...

Possible Fines

Just like the other two states, if you do not perform the burial quickly, you can be fined $100-$1,000. it appears that the 24-hour and 48-hour rules for disposal are very important in each state.

Writing a ticket

It's a sad thing to think about, but it's best to know the law and be prepared. You can learn more here today.

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