We've all dealt with a long drive or have at least driven while tired. Many of those who wish to see us get home safely mention that we can take a nap or rest our eyes if needed.

Just how legal is it to rest those eyes?

Falling asleep at the wheel

Like most of the time in Iowa, the laws are more relaxed than in other states. You can sleep in your car but there are restrictions. We will be looking at those laws for the state of Iowa.

It Is Legal To Sleep In Your Car In The State Of Iowa In Certain Areas.

You can learn more here...

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Laws And Restrictions

Now you can't just pull over on the side of the road and start counting sheep. Rest areas are your best, and safest option.

All Iowa rest areas allow you to park for one 24-hour period, but you can stay longer if you have a "reasonable justification," as the Iowa Dept. of Transportation puts it.

There are some other rules and laws to follow.

The Hawkeye state does not allow drivers to sleep in Walmart parking lots. Every municipality has its own rules, so read all traffic signs carefully. If you sleep in your vehicle while intoxicated, you could be arrested.

sleepy tired fatigued man driving car in traffic

As long as you find a rest area in the state of Iowa you are good to sleep in your car and catch up on your sleep if you are feeling a bit tired on your drive. As always stay safe Iowa!

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