Did you see neighbors putting up Christmas lights? There were plenty of Quad Citians in shorts and tee climbing up on ladders to hang the holiday decorations this weekend.

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I get it. It's waaaaaay better to put up decorations when it's 70 degrees and sunny than 25 degrees and snowy. That's just smart. So a few of my neighbors put up the lights but haven't fired them up yet.

There's one neighbor who went all out. There are lights on the house, lights in the tree, ornaments in the tree and several inflatables in the yard and they have been fired up since Sunday.

Is it too soon?

In my family we start decorating on Black Friday or sometime after the big Thanksgiving feast. Christmas music is ok to play then too. But it's 2020. Nothing is normal, everything is upside down and it's been a rough year to say the least.

This Insta post says it all for me.

"Seeing the kids faces light up makes it all worth while."

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So far I've seen two of my friends post pics of their Christmas trees already up and decorated. In one pic, my friends little boys are lying under the tree admiring the lights. 

That looks pretty good to me.

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