The holiday season is here! Great gifts and... not so great gifts are waiting for you. So how do we regift these not-so-great Christmas presents to someone who will love it?

There are plenty of ways to regift something, charities, and second-hand stories are always a great idea, or if you know someone that you can regift it to firsthand, that works too, but when is it a good time?

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There seems to be a period of time where Americans are worried that someone may ask about the gift they gave them, nothing would be worse than having to admit you regifted it. It's always a bit nerve-racking trying to pinpoint when enough time has passed and you're in the clear. There are also unsaid rules that I will be saying now...

Regifting Rules

  • Never Regift Anything Meaningful or Handmade
  • Regift Outside That Social Circle
  • Only Regift Brand-New Items
  • Regift Thoughtfully
  • Avoid Signs of a Regift
  • Don’t Wait for a Special Occasion
  • When in Doubt, Regift to Charity
  • Always Show Appreciation

If you are confused or want to learn more about those rules you can with, which go in-depth about all the regifting rules. Now that we know how to do it, when do we do it?


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It's Time To Regift

So many sources and a large amount of research have been put into this. According to places like,

There are certain situations when regifting a present is okay. Meier advises you can only regift something if the gift has never been opened before, and if both people in the situation (the one who gave you the gift and the one receiving the regifted item) will never find out.

So they don't give an exact time, but from what it looks like one to three months tend to be the normal ideal time to regift something. If you are taking that gift to a different location more than an hour away to someone with no connection to the register then only a week is the ideal time.

The holiday season is a time of giving, but let's be honest, we've all been in that situation where your loving friends or family gift you something that you maybe don't really want or need, now you not only know how to give it away to someone else but when.

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