Netflix used to be the place for all the shows but has now switched to focusing more on originals. While that still works more or less it is clear Netflix is no longer the king of streaming as subscriber numbers drop. while Hulu holds onto some pretty big names when it comes to shows and movies, some newer streaming services are proving to be just as big if not bigger than these once known juggernauts of streaming.

Let's take a look at some streaming services in the running for people's favorites.

Streaming Favorites

Netflix: While it isn't as big as it use to be no one can say Netflix is dead

Hulu: Hulu has always been seen as a runner-up for a lot of people when it comes to streaming, and as other services rise and fall, Hulu stays very consistent.

Disney+:basically if you want any Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, or Marvel movies/shows you need Disney+.

HBO Max: It is similar to Hulu in that it mostly has big-name shows, but if you want any DC movies / Shows you'll need HBO.

Amazon Prime Video: This one also has countless titles, I see this more as a catch-all of movies, and TV shows. If you want something particular it's probably on here.

YouTube: Crazy to think, but this also can be considered a streaming service now. Though it was much more popular as a streaming service a few years ago, it has switched back to more focus on internet videos.

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There are some of the services. Now let's look at the Quad Cities favorites. We got our numbers from TRG and Fatherly.

Illinois' favorites

It looks like within the last two years Illinois has had two favorites. At one point in time, YouTube TV was very popular in Illinois, but the current number one spot for Illinois is Netflix. That's right, some may joke and say Netflix is dying, but it's going strong on the Illinois side of the QC.

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Iowa's Favorites

For quite some time Iowa's favorite streaming service was Hulu, which also happens to be my favorite, so as an Iowan I agree with this ranking, but Hulu has been dethroned in Iowa... The new number 1 spot is Prime videos.


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QC Favorites

In the end, it looks like the Quad Cities' top three services are:

Netflix, Prime Video, and Hulu.

Are any of these your favorite? Let us know on our App!

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