Situated along the Mississippi River in eastern Iowa and western Illinois is a very interesting place. A place where some U.S. Presidents had a brief stop, where inventions used today were created, and where history was made.

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That place is called the Quad Cities. We call it home and while it's easy to look at the here-and-no of our community, sometimes it's nice to look back. It gives us a reminder of our rich history and the foundation laid for us to continue to grow and move forward.

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Way More Than 100 Facts About The Quad Cities

Whether you were born and raised in the Quad Cities or new to the area, there are probably a lot of facts about the Quad Cities you might not know. Yes, this list could stretch onto hundreds and hundreds of facts, but you do the research on 100 facts about something.

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There are many unique and interesting facts about the Quad Cities, but these are the 100 most interesting facts we wanted to share with you. These facts will hopefully educate you about our community and the important role it has played in history and for humankind.

Finding 100 Facts About The Quad Cities

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"Education is not the means of showing people how to get what they want. Education is an exercise by means of which enough men, it is hoped, will learn to want what is worth having."

-Ronald Reagan

Why did I pull this Ronald Reagan quote about education? It's not just because I learned a lot researching all of these facts (and hopefully you will too), but because President Reagan used to work in the Quad Cities as a radio sportscaster.

There have been articles like this in the past, but I've done the research by looking through books, websites, and anything else to prove these facts because when you read these, you're going to want proof yourself.

Quick Fun Facts To Share With Other Quad Citizens

You'll find facts about the Quad Cities that will make you laugh, angry, and blow your mind. Before we get to all 100 facts, here are our top 5 most interesting facts about the Quad Cites you may or may not know.

  1. Dairy Queen really began in East Moline.
  2. The recliner chair was invented in Rock Island.
  3. The Quad Cities was the site of the western-most battle of the Revolutionary War.
  4. The first NFL game was played in Rock Island.
  5. Walt Disney was denied as a cartoonist in Davenport and almost stop drawing.

Pretty cool facts, right? Of course, they are. There are 95 other incredibly interesting facts about our home, the Quad Cities. With the holiday season being here, there are facts to share or annoy your family, friends, coworkers, or whoever with. I do it all the time.

Here are 100 facts about the Quad Cities that are actually facts. Please read them just on the off chance there's a Quad Cities trivia night (hint-hint, Think & Drink Entertainment).

100 Interesting Facts About The Quad Cities You May Or May Not Know

The Quad Cities is filled with a very rich history. From inventions to crossing the Mississippi River, to American Presidents and Walt Disney, there are many facts about the Quad Cities that many people do not know. While there are many more stories and facts to share about the Quad Cities, you'll find in these 100 facts that all roads, somehow, lead back to the Quad Cities.

Gallery Credit: Connor Kenney/Townsquare Media Quad Cities

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