Residents in Clinton County need to be on the lookout for this scam going around. Officials are warning that residents have been receiving a ballot in the mail asking it to be sent back signed and with a $15 donation.

Clearly, scammers are trying anything and everything at this point to get money from people. Officials are warning people so no one falls for this nonsense and can defeat these scammers.

attachment-Clinton County Scam

If you or someone you know lives in Clinton County, make sure they are aware of this scam plaguing people's mailboxes.

Clinton County Ballot Scam

On Thursday, the Clinton County Auditor and Commissioner of Elections Eric Van Lancker sent a warning to voters that his office is not issuing any ballots for any election at this time and no ballot issued by his office would require a donation.

The Clinton County Auditor’s Office was made aware earlier on Thursday of a mail piece sent to a resident in DeWitt that asks the resident

“…please rush me your signed Clinton County Ballot and your donation of $15 today.”

Van Lancker said there are clear warning signs this is not a ballot issued by Clinton County for voting purposes.

Van Lancker explained in the press release,

“First, Clinton County is currently not conducting any elections and therefore not issuing any ballots. Second, any ballot issued for voting purposes in the State of Iowa would not require a donation or any sort of fee. And lastly, you would never be asked to sign a ballot.”

Van Lancker said the mail piece was shared with the Iowa Secretary of State’s Office and the local U.S. Postal Service who are forwarding the mail to the Federal Bureau of Investigations and the U.S. Postal Service Inspection Service.

Van Lancker asks if any Clinton County residents receive such a mail piece to either turn it over to his office or to their local U.S. Post Office.

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