If there's one thing the Internet never fails at, it's coming up with hilarious, snarky, and downright hilarious memes - especially when it's Super Bowl season. This year was no exception with Super Bowl 58 proving to be a real treasure trove of memes that captured the hilarious highs and lows of the event. From the edge-of-your-seat Overtime match, the star-studded halftime show, the unforeseen Taylor Swift controversy, and even the quirky Nickelodeon broadcast, we have it all covered.

Twitters Best Super Bowl 58 Memes


Let's dive right into the best memes of Super Bowl 58 that took Twitter by storm. Prepare for some hearty laughs, and perhaps even some awkward grimaces.


Game Related Memes

This was a game many people didn't care about because both teams had won the Super Bowl several times already.


All About Taylor Swift

Of course, the majority of the memes had to do with Taylor Swift.

Ice Spice was spotted in Taylors Suite.

Halftime Memes

Taking the stage at Super Bowl 58 was Usher, with guest singers such as Alicia Keys, H.E.R., Ludacris, Lil Jon, and CeeLo Green.

You may have noticed that Usher's headpiece microphone was not steady, as it would bounce back and forth from loud to quiet.

Not only did Usher show us his beautiful voice and amazing dancing, but he also whipped out a new talent many of us didn't know he had. ROLLER SKATING.

During the Super Bowl LVII Opening Night event, Mahomes shared an interesting response when being compared to the legendary Muppet Kermit the Frog. Mahomes said: “People make fun of my voice for my entire life.

Justin Bieber

Millions of Beliebers were confident that Just Bieber would make an appearance during Usher's halftime performance and sing Somebody To Love. After all, Justin was spotted in Vegas at the Superbowl... But alas, Bieber did not perform, which left many fans sad.



This year Nickelodeon hosted an alternative Super Bowl broadcast “live from Bikini Bottom” that featured Slime, SpongeBob, and other surprise guests for the San Francisco 49ers showdown with Kansas City. This was a way to get kids involved with the game and learn the rules of professional football.

As Spongebob and Patrick ran the play-by-play and color commentary, they said silly things that made us laugh.

Dora was in charge of explaining the rules. Every time a penalty came about, Dora popped up on the screen to explain what it meant. Some might say Dora was a bit savage.

Plankton decided to make an appearance and try to ruin the game.

Even Sandy Cheeks was there as a sideline reporter.


Mahomes Family

With Patrick Mahomes being one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. The cameras were always on his family.


Superbowl Commercials

Did anyone else notice Temu had its commercial play 3 times? That's $7 million PER 30-second commercial.

Does anyone remember Puppy Monkey Baby?


For more hilarious Super Bowl memes, Twitter (now called X, but no one calls it that) has exactly what you're looking for.

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