It's safe to say that this might be the best year of Caitlin Clark's life.

The college hoops superstar made waves over the past two years with the Iowa Hawkeyes. She and Kate Martin helped lead the team to two national championship games in two years.

This past season she smashed through a few records.

First, she broke the women's NCAA Division 1 scoring record with a flawless shot from the three-point line.

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Then the phenom continued to make history.

She went on to break the all-time NCAA Division 1 scoring record.

That's right!

Caitlin Clark beat Pistol Pete's longstanding record.

Now She's Off to the WNBA

During the 2024 WNBA Draft that took place on Monday, April 15th in Brooklyn, New York Caitlin Clark unsurprisingly was the #1 overall first draft pick.

She will be going to play for the Indiana Fever this rookie season. Her teammate Kate Martin is headed off to for the Las Vegas Aces. Read more about that here!

The rest of the day must have been a whirlwind for the West Des Moines native.

While it was no surprise that she would end up being the first pick in the draft, it was a bit of a shock for her when one music superstar congratulated her on her big day.

An Unexpected Surprise From Her Favorite Musician

After being selected, Clark was whisked off to do media. One of the stops included a surprise video message from country music superstar Luke Combs.

He just so happens to also be her favorite musician of all time. The WNBA sure knows how to pull some strings!

In the video, he remarked on how incredible it was that she was picked first.

KM/WNBA via Tik Tok/Canva
KM/WNBA via Tik Tok/Canva

"I know I can speak for everybody all across the United States, in the world, probably; we've enjoyed watching you these last couple years, and we cannot wait to continue to do so," the country singer said in the brief video.

Just like any other 22-year-old getting a video from one of her favorite artists, the rookie player seemed giddy at the surprise.

"He's a pretty big women's basketball fan, so I appreciate him," Clark said.

Hopefully he'll be cheering her on as she plays for the Indiana Fever this season.

"That's amazing! I was not expecting that!"

Watch the full video down below!

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