Two lovers dream the day away in the music video for Jacob Bryant's new song "Heartbeat," premiering exclusively on Taste of Country and The Boot. Set in a rural cabin far from civilization, the song's storyline follows two lovebirds who pull down the shades to the world for a day, staying inside and focusing solely on each other.

Bryant's rich baritone lends itself perfectly to love songs, but the singer admits that when he first started writing "Heartbeat," he didn't have such a steamy plot in mind.

"When I sat down to write this song, I initially had the idea of writing it about hearing my daughter's heartbeat for the first time," Bryant explains. "Once we started writing, this song took a totally different direction. It ended up being a passionate song about being with your spouse, lighting some candles, closing the world off and waking up on them listening to their heartbeat."

In the music video, in between scenes of the couple enjoying their day together, we see some performance shots of Bryant, who sings the song's chorus against a rural meadow backdrop at sunrise.

"Heartbeat" spotlights a very different — but equally passionate — side of Bryant's musical style than his October release, "Devil & an Old Six String," which chronicles the singer's difficult journey through the loss of his mom, depression and substance addiction. It's the lead single off his next album, Bar Stool Preacher, which Bryant plans to release on January 14, 2022.

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