Sounds like our good friends across the pond have gotten tired of all the rumors swirling about the future of the James Bond franchise, because the series has just officially announced a new movie is definitely coming, and it already has a release date.

The official James Bond Twitter account announced the news super casually this afternoon: “James Bond will return to US cinemas on November 8, 2019 with a traditional earlier release in the UK and the rest of the world.”

So, that puts to rest one, maybe two mysteries. There will be another Bond movie, and Daniel Craig will probably be back for it (or else they would have announced his successor in the tweet). This gives things a little more than two years to all come together, and with a rights battle and a regime change up top — Christopher Nolan’s production house Syncopy has been listed as the company behind Bond 25, and, given their partnership with Warner Bros., that’s probably where the Bond franchise will head to.

As for the plot, new characters, returning familiar faces, villains? All up in the air at this point. Again, they have more than two years to put this together, and this announcement definitely means someone has been thinking about a story. Regardless, it’ll be good to see Craig back in the role again, if that’s what’s happening here. And as for who will direct, Nolan’s company is financing this venture, and since, with Dunkirk, he already has one iconic British tale under his belt, why not another?

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