Actor Jason Momoa didn't just stop for tacos during his trip to Iowa!

Earlier this week, it was revealed that movie star and Norwalk, Iowa-native Jason Momoa was spending some time here in Iowa following Sunday night's Academy Awards. It's not often that we see someone with Jason's level of fame wandering around our state, so lots of people were excited when he was spotted eating at Tasty Tacos on Monday. He visited the location at 5847 SE 14th Street in Des Moines, and the staff managed to snag a photo with him before he left!

According to the Des Moines Register, Jason visited at a couple more businesses in Des Moines during his brief trip to Iowa. On Tuesday morning, he stopped for a meal at one of his favorite Iowa eateries, Waveland Café. They even have a menu item named after him, which is, of course, what he ordered while he was there with his family. "The Momoa" consists of "a full hashbrown with biscuits and gravy, two sunny-side up eggs and a side of bacon." After the meal, Jason threw on a tie-dye shirt and joined the staff for a photo, which the restaurant posted on social media.

The final business Jason was spotted at is a popular Des Moines antique store called West End Architectural Salvage. The owner told the Register that they've done pieces for both Jason and his mom in the past, but this time he left with some table tops and lighting. Like the two other businesses, the owners shared a few photos of Jason on Facebook.

Quite a few people managed to snag a selfie with Jason during his trip to Iowa, and I could NOT be more jealous! The next time he comes to town, I'm heading to Des Moines and posting up outside Waveland Café until he shows up! I'm kidding... kind of...

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