News of Mary Tyler Moore's passing has prompted an outpouring of social media tributes from friends, peers, and fans — including Joan Jett and Weezer, two musical acts that have honored Moore's legacy in song.

Buddy Holly" in 1994 — a hit whose chorus namechecked Moore alongside the titular rock legend.

As Weezer fans are likely aware, "Buddy Holly" was once called "Fred Astaire," and rather than referencing Moore, the lyrics made a nod to Astaire's longtime partner Ginger Rogers. Even after making a lyrical switch to Holly and Moore and kicking up the tempo, frontman Rivers Cuomo was reluctant to include the track on the band's 1994 Weezer LP — a decision he only came to after being repeatedly encouraged by producer Ric Ocasek.

Jett, meanwhile, spoke with Billboard regarding her feelings in the wake of Moore's passing, reflecting on her 1996 cover of the Mary Tyler Moore Show theme song "Love Is All Around." Although her version — which you can watch via the video embed below — wasn't a major chart hit, it signaled a deep-seated affection for the star and her series.

"I grew up watching The Mary Tyler Moore Show. I was inspired that women were shown as being equal to men and it had an influence on me as I became a musician," said Jett. "The show was groundbreaking, important and funny. I will miss Mary Tyler Moore."

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