Jordan Davis with special guests Mitchell Tenpenny & Ashley Cooke are coming to the Vibrant Arena At The Mark on April 11th.

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About Jordan Davis

To bring Jordan Davis to that admission has been a life’s journey. In stepping back with country music’s biggest stars to emerge in recent years of his latest album Bluebird Days, he tells not only the magic of a song like CMA Song of the Year “Buy Dirt,” but of the evolution of Jordan Davis the person, the songwriter, and the artist.

Sometimes, a popular song becomes more than just a hit—it turns into a phenomenon. And that’s what happened with “Buy Dirt,” Davis’ 2021 duet with Luke Bryan. That kind of success brings expectations, but—as Davis discovered when he set to work on his follow-up album Bluebird Days—it can also lead to a new sense of possibility.

Now with Bluebird Days, Davis can undoubtedly say, “This is exactly the record I want to put out. I don’t know what’s going to happen with it, but I can at least tell you that the one certainty I do have about this record, is I’m proud of it.”


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