One of the things my wife and I struggle with as dog owners/lovers is what to do with them when we go out of town for an overnight, a weekend, or even longer vacation.

The first place we used I was told by my then 8-year-old daughter, "we're never coming back here again".  She saw the cinderblock walls and barred doggy doors as a K9 Jail and was not interested in subjecting them to that again.

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The second place was amazing!  They had a heated/AC-cooled indoor shelter and a nice gated outdoor run of about 20 feet.  Plenty of grass, plenty of sun, and plenty of indoor space should they need to get out of the elements. You just have to be sure to call ahead of time otherwise the owner would yell at you without her teeth in.

That place closed down.

We've been very lucky recently because we have friends who enjoy our dogs and are willing to spend the weekend with our pups while also house-sitting while we're gone.

But for those that are not so lucky, there is a new place in town that looks immaculate.

K9 Resorts

K9 Resorts of the Quad Cities is finishing construction this week and will be opening in June.  They offer "all-inclusive, cage-free, luxury boarding & doggy daycare. Love & Fun Included".

Their Doggy Resort will be located at 1409 E Kimberly Road, Davenport, which is right next to the old Outback Steakhouse, now Yummy Crab.

Deals Going On Now

They've got 25% off boarding packages right now for a limited time.  So make sure you take advantage while you can.

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