A new law in Illinois will require parents to put their kids in a rear-facing car seat until the age of two.

A WQAD news story says police will enforce the law when it goes into effect on January 1, 2019.

Police say they know what can happen, and don't want to see tragedy happen to anyone's family.

Crash tests and personal experience have convinced first responders that rear-facing car seats are the safest option for young children.

Rock Island Fire Department Assistant Chief Bob Graff says, "a majority of accidents involve a front end collision, so in that way the child will be pulled down into the seat."

He recommends parents follow the manufacturer's harnessing instructions and height and weight limitations. Installing a car seat properly can be challenging, so the fire department in Rock Island and other communities in the Quad Cities area offer expert help.

Parents are encouraged to call their local fire department, where a certified Child Passenger Safety technician is likely to be.

For a full explanation of the new law and other safety tips, visit the website of the Illinois Secretary of State.

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