Dorito and Popcorn are two Guinea Pigs that are available for adoption from the Humane Society of Scott County. Both are very adorable with Dorito having some calico coloring, and Popcorn, well looking like the color of white popcorn.

Dorito and Popcorn were found as strays, however Pam at the humane society thinks they were someone's pets because they are well socialized and love getting pets and cuddling. She thinks they'd make a great first pet for a child, or for someone that would like a pet but can't have cats or dogs.

Dorito and Popcorn are available for adoption now and the cost of adoption is $10 dollars each. They do not need to be adopted together.

Aren't they cute? (Rob Creighton/Townsquare Media)
Aren't they cute? (Rob Creighton/Townsquare Media)

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